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CHIMICHURRI STEAK with roasted tomato and brocollini

Time: 20 minutes

Ingredients not provided: Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil

Equipment required: Baking sheet, non-stick pan, knife, and cutting board




Step 1: Preheat

-Place your non-stick pan over medium-high and lightly coat the bottom of the pan with olive oil

-Place your oven rack in the middle of the oven and set your oven broiler to high.

Step 2: Prep your ingredients

While your pan and oven get hot, prepare your ingredients.

-Season both sides of your steak with salt and pepper

-Toss the tomatoes and brocollini with olive oil and season with salt and pepper

Step 3: Cook the steak

When the non-stick pan is hot, place the seasoned steak in the pan and cook to your desired doneness based off of the chart below. When done cooking, remove the steaks from the burner, transfer them to a plate, and allow the steaks to rest until you are ready to serve. Continue on to cook the vegetables.

Please note: Steak thickness can vary; if you receive a thinner steak, we recommend checking for

doneness sooner.

Rare - 3 minutes on each side

Medium Rare - 3.5 minutes on each side

Medium - 4 minutes on each side

Medium Well - 4.5 minutes on each side

Well done - 5 minutes on each side

Step 4: Cooking the vegetable

While the steak cooks and rests, cook the oiled and seasoned tomatoes and brocollini under the broiler for 6-8 until it is cooked but not burnt. Continue on to the next step.

Step 5: Slicing the steak

After fully rested, at least 5 minutes, slice the steak, and drizzle the Chimicurri on top of the steak.



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